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Jan. 8th, 2011 12:57 pm
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Title: When it all goes wrong, it’s time to start anew
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Burke/Cristina, Mark/Addison
Summary: An unexpected snow storm leads into an interesting New Year’s Eve. A little plot, a lot of smut. You are warned. Set in the future.
Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books, and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings, and events thereof, are the properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for-profit, it constitutes fair use.
Author’s Note: Secret Santa fic for [ profile] nursebadass who wanted porn. And she got it!

It was the sound of an ear-piercing shriek that woke them all up.

“What the … ?” Burke muttered, struggling to open his eyes and sneaking a peek at the clock, which glowed a bright red 6:18 back at him.

“Oh my god, I’m going to kill her,” Cristina muttered from beside him as another shriek, this one higher in both pitch and intensity, sounded from the other room. “If she’s not being murdered out there, I swear she’s dead.”

Staggering to their feet and stumbling awkwardly into the other room, Cristina grabbed a pillow and aimed it at the lump on the pullout couch.

“If you don’t get your little friend to shut up in the next few seconds, I’m going to rip her tongue out,” she hissed, as Mark groggily murmured, “Addison?”

Another shriek and this time Mark was up, too.

“Addison, what the hell?” he groaned as the three of them found the shrieking redhead, clad in her pajamas, standing with bare feet on the deck of the tiny little cabin they had rented for the weekend.

When she saw them, Addison’s eyes widened and she gestured wildly around her. “Look at this! Look at this!” she squealed, her voice rising with each word. “Look at this snow! We’re supposed to be going home today! How are we going to get home now? How? How? How?

“Oh my god, shut up,” Cristina groaned, reaching up to cover her ears. “I think only dogs can hear you now.”

Addison glared at her and looked ready to launch into another shrieking fit, but Mark grabbed her by the shoulders and forcefully turned her to look at him.

“Addison, stop,” he commanded, then dropped his voice.

“You want to tell me what’s wrong?” he asked softly, trying to get her to look him in the eyes. “I know you’re not this upset about snow.”

Addison ripped herself away from his grip, crossing her arms protectively across her chest. “I want to leave!” she shouted at him. “I hate it here. It’s too small. It’s too cramped. It’s too … silent! It’s too silent! I can’t stop thinking!”

She was glaring at him. Mark turned and looked at Burke, a look the other man instantly understood. Burke grabbed Cristina’s hand and steered her inside.

“Hey,” she protested. “I want to see all the fun.”

“Cristina,” he warned.

She shrugged. “What?” she asked. “It’s fun to see her when she’s not all perfect.”

“You’re supposed to be nice to her. She’s having a rough time.”

Cristina shrugged. “I am being nice. I can’t help it if I’m Team Meredith.”

“I don’t think there’s teams anymore. That was a long time ago.”

Cristina shrugged again. “Whatever.”


Three hours later found the men trudging through the snow. There was a little market a couple miles down the road, and they wanted to get some supplies for the night. They had intended to spend New Year’s Eve with their friends back in Seattle, but being that everything was covered in white and another storm looked on the way, they knew that wasn’t going to be possible.

“Oh, Cristina doesn’t mind,” Burke said when Mark inquired how she felt about their unexpected extended vacation. “I think she’s more upset about missing surgeries than the party.”

Mark laughed. “Yeah,” he said, “probably why she wants us to bring her back something she can operate on.”

Burke nodded. “That’s my girl.” His smiled faded a little. “I take it Addison isn’t doing so well?”

Mark sighed, unconsciously rubbing his hands through his hair. “Sorry for what happened this morning. She does that sometimes — holds everything in until something sets her off and she’s like a bomb.”

“I can understand that.”

“I wish there was something I could do. Sam breaking up with her … I don’t think she ever saw it coming. He messed with her head, that’s for sure.” Mark let out a breath. “She’s just had such bad luck with men, it seems.”

He looked at Burke, only to catch the side-eye the taller man was giving him, and he sighed again.

“Yeah, I know, I’m one of those men.”

“Maybe,” Burke nodded. “But that was a long time ago. You’ve changed.”

“I like to think I have.”

“You have.”

“Maybe …”

“You still love her.” It wasn’t a question.

Mark nodded. “Yes. But she still loves Sam.”

Burke turned to study the other man carefully. “Perhaps. But she’s here with you. That has to mean something, right?”

“It means she’s sad and doesn’t want to be alone.”

“Are you really sure that’s it?”

Mark didn’t answer.


Three empty bottles of champagne sat on the kitchen counter. Four filled glasses were held in hands as four sets of eyes stared at the little clock on Burke’s phone.

“Ten …nine…. eight … seven … six … five …. four … three … two … one … Happy New Year!”

Cristina gulped down her champagne, then leaped into Burke’s arms. His lips found hers and she whispered into his mouth, “Take me to bed now.”

He did what he was told.

As Burke and Cristina disappeared into their bedroom, Mark finished his champagne and pulled Addison into his arms. He kissed her softly on the cheek. “Happy New Year, Addison.”

He could see the unshed tears glimmering in her eyes, and he knew who she was thinking about. “He doesn’t deserve you,” he whispered into her ear and hugged her tighter.

She was silent, her head against his chest.

“I don’t want to think about him,” she whispered.

Mark pulled back so he could peer into her eyes. “Then let me make you forget.”


He knew instantly that the woman in front of him was ready to go, and he didn’t waste a moment. Burke slammed the bedroom door behind him, grabbed Cristina and pushed her up against the door, his lips eagerly finding hers.

She didn’t hesitate, grabbing the sides of his face between her hands and kissing him back hungrily. His teeth grazed over her upper lip and took hold. She forced her tongue into his mouth. He grabbed her hands from the sides of his face and dragged them up over her head.

Their tongues continued their battle, their teeth and lips finding each other, biting, sucking, caressing. Finally, Burke spun them both around, releasing Cristina’s arms and pushing her back toward the bed until her legs hit the edge.

She reached out and grabbed his shirt, quickly beginning to undo the buttons, yanking it down his arms before she was finished. He grabbed her shirt in his hands and ripped it over her head. She helped him undo the button on his jeans as he helped her undo hers. In a flurry of motion, they each yanked their own jeans down, underwear following seconds later. Burke reached out to unsnap Cristina’s bra and a second later there was nothing between them.

Burke grabbed Cristina and hoisted her up. She wrapped her legs around him, feeling his member already growing hard. She could feel her own center beginning to throb and she knew she was already dripping.

She grabbed his face again and kissed him as deeply as she could, showing him through her kiss how much he meant to her.

He held her tightly, his hands instantly beginning to explore her silky skin. They slid down her back, feeling every soft inch, skimming over her butt, his hands cupping her cheeks, squeezing them a little.

Cristina pulled back, a mischievous smile on her face. “Are you going to fuck me or what?”

It was all Burke needed. He dropped her on the bed, grabbing her thighs and spreading her legs apart. He knelt between her legs and began to position himself at her entrance. She winked at him, then reached out a hand to take hold of his cock.

“Cristina,” he moaned as she moved herself to her knees and began to stroke him, running her hand up and down, up and down. She smirked, the sight of this gorgeous man shuddering under her touch never failing to fill her with pride.

She moved her hands to rub his balls as she leaned down, reaching out with the tip of her tongue to taste his manhood. With the sound of another moan above her, she slid more of him into her mouth, speeding up her ministrations with her hands.

“You need to stop,” he moaned a few seconds later, and she looked up, eyes wide, his cock still almost completely in her mouth. The sight of it almost made him come right then and there, but he restrained. He didn’t want it this way.

Instead he placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back and off of him. She smirked at him, then crawled backward till she was propped up against the headboard. Spreading her legs, she dipped her own fingers inside her, pumping them a few times and moaning extra loud for emphasis.

Looking at Burke — who had his cock in his hand now and who looked almost pained — in the eye, she started to lick off her fingers.

“Are you going to come join me or are you just going to sit there and watch?”

He tackled her and she laughed.

Positioning herself so she was lying flat on her back, she spread her legs as wide as she could and gestured to her pussy.

“Get inside me. Now,” she whispered huskily.

He didn’t need to be told twice. He grabbed hold of his cock and positioned himself outside her entrance, then sliding his hands under her butt and lifting her up a little, he slid inside her in one quick motion. She gasped as she adjusted to his size, then lifted her legs.

He caught them, swinging them over his shoulders. He bent down to kiss her, and she met his lips with hers as they began to rock together. The first couple were slow and steady, but then they sped up, Burke’s thrusts growing deeper and hitting harder, her hips bucking up to meet him at every turn.

“Oh, god,” Cristina moaned as they sped up the pace even more, neither one of them wanting to waste any time. Their bodies were rubbing against each other, their sweat and juices were mixing, their grunts and moans were getting louder.

Cristina could feel Burke inside her, filling her, and she could feel the knot of anticipation steadily growing and building.

“Faster, faster,” she managed to get out as she gasped and arched her back. Her hands gripped his shoulders, her nails digging into ebony skin as she ground herself into him. He pushed himself farther forward, draping himself over her body, changing his position to hit her in a better spot.

“Oh, God!” she screamed as his cock penetrated her deepest regions, the same time his thumb found her clit and started rubbing furiously. And then she was there, crashing over the edge, her body a series of spasms beneath him. He could feel her walls squeezing around him, could feel his own climax nearing quickly.

He waited till she was done, then let go. A few more deep thrusts and then he too was coming, hard, fast, fully.

He collapsed beside her, their limbs still entangled, his cock still inside her, both of their breathing hard and uneven.

“Wanna go again?” he grinned.


Even though she claimed otherwise, Mark knew Addison wasn’t sure about this. She wanted sex, but she didn’t want to be his sex toy. He wanted to show her she was anything but.

He was still holding her against him. Gently he stole the empty champagne glass out of her hand and set it alongside his own on the table. Then carefully, he wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up slightly, her feet dangling a few inches above the ground.

She didn’t say a word as he carried her over to the couch and sat her down. She still didn’t say anything as he carefully raised her legs one by one and removed her shoes and socks. Next he found the button on her jeans and slid it through the loop, sliding the zipper down. With his encouragement, she lifted her hips slightly and he slid her jeans and her panties down and off her legs.

He smiled warmly at her, his finger tracing the inside of her thighs. He could feel the tension in her legs. Looking her in the eye, he moved his finger and gently rubbed her center. She gasped, just slightly, and he rubbed her a little harder.

“Relax,” he whispered to her.

Carefully, he removed his hand and grabbed her hips, moving her forward slightly and positioning her on the very edge of the couch, pushing her upper body back so she was resting against the cushions.

“Close your eyes, Addison,” he commanded, and when she did what he asked without protest, he gently spread her legs and got to work.

He started with his tongue, sliding it from one end of her slit to the other then back again, finding and exploring all her warm folds and crevices, making sure there was no spot left untouched.

His teeth found her clit and he gently bit down on the hard nub. He could hear Addison’s soft moans above him and when she started to squirm, he grabbed her hips with his hands to hold her in place.

He continued his ministrations, sliding his tongue down and twirling it around her entrance. When he felt her start trying to grind herself against his face, he went for it, pushing his tongue deep inside her. He heard her gasp, and moan, and her hips bucked, but he didn’t let her go. Instead he thrust inside her deeper and faster.

Finally, when he knew she was getting close, he let go of her hips. Before she could comprehend what was happening, he had removed his tongue and slid three fingers inside.

She cried out, her hips bucking off the couch, and he used his other hand to push her back. He watched her while his fingers moved, her eyes scrunched up, her lips rounded, her hands grabbing the cushions next to her, her head thrown back and her back slightly arched, but the best was the soft moans emitting from her.

He sped up his fingers; he knew it wouldn’t be long. The hand holding her down quickly slipped under her shirt, pushed her bra out of the way and closed around her breast. As fingers tweaked a nipple, a thumb scraped over her clit and his fingers curled inside her, that did it.

Her walls clamped around his fingers and she cried out again and again. He watched her ride out the waves, his fingers still moving the whole time, trying to prolong the pleasure for her as much as he could.

When she was finally done, she opened her eyes slowly. She blinked at him and he smiled at her. His fingers were still inside. Gently he removed them, leaning down to kiss her on her most sensitive region, then coming up to kiss her tenderly on the lips.

She was quiet as he gently raised her arms above her and slid her shirt off. He unsnapped her bra and slid it down her arms, discarding it with the rest of her clothes. He stood up and quickly discarded his own clothes. He knelt down in front of her again and this time he slid her off the couch and on to him.

She groaned as she slid onto his cock, wriggling slightly as she adjusted to the feeling. He wrapped his arms around her and held her close; he didn’t want her to think this was just sex. She laid her head on his shoulder and he could feel her nails digging into his shoulder blades.

They began to move. Mark positioned his hands under her butt so he could help lift her on and off of him.

He waited till she had come again before taking his turn. When they had both finished, he laid them both down on the carpet, his grip around her never loosening.

“Thank you,” was the only thing she said before closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep.


“You know, I think you were the best New Year’s resolution I ever made.” Burke’s voice cut across the darkness where they laid together, wrapped in each other’s arms, completely and utterly sated.

“I was a New Year’s resolution?” Cristina said. “Should I be offended by that?”

“I told myself I was going to get you back, no matter what it took, no matter how many red-haired surgeons stood in my path.”

“Well,” Cristina said. “I guess you had a successful year then.”

“It was more than successful,” Burke told her. “I resolved to get you back. Getting married to you was just an added bonus.”

“Hmmpp.” Cristina nudged him in the ribs. “But I only married you because the sex was good.”

“I can live with that.”


The only sound in the room was Addison’s soft breathing. Mark watched her chest rise and fall as he tightened his hold on her, running his hand along her porcelain skim, letting her red strands slide through his fingers.

Even after tonight, Mark knew she wouldn’t trust him, wouldn’t trust any man really. But that was okay. It was New Year’s. Time to start fresh, start new.

Next year at this time, Addison was going to be his.

That was one resolution he was going to be damned sure to keep.

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