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So, there is a [livejournal.com profile] fics20in20, which is awesome! This was the first round, and surprise of all surprises, I claimed Addison and Derek from Grey's Anatomy :)

But since this is a 20in20 and potentially people who don't watch Grey's might read them, the spoilers indicate what season any spoilers are from. A couple are Private Practice related and those indicate which season the event happened in as well.

If you read them, I hope you enjoy them!

Theme: Mirror
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None

She had learned to hide who she was pretty much from the day she was born. Don’t ever lose control in public, her mother had told her. If you need to cry, do it where no one can see you. Show the world you’re in control, you’re happy, everything is perfect.

Derek had hated that attitude. He had despised everything her mother stood for and had taught her to be. Or so she thought.

Because here he was, taking her hand, smiling for their friends and colleagues, kissing her on the cheek, pretending everything was wonderful.

When he spun her around on the dance floor, she could see their reflection in the mirror on the wall. The perfectly nauseatingly happy couple.

So how was it that she was the only one who knew that mirrors often lied?

Don’t you know I would do anything to save you? )


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